Breast Cancer Awarness Panic Motorsports Decal

Pink PD Logo
Pink PD Logo
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This 2.5x3" all-weather, vinyl decal was created in honor of Amy Hardy, a member of our Panic family who is battling Breast Cancer. All proceeds from sales of our pink P.D. sticker, or as our friend Lette calls it the "Miatas for Tatas" decal, will be donated, in-part, to help Amy pay a few of her bills and also to The Lydia Project of Augusta, GA.

For more information on The Lydia Project, visit

50 cents will be added to each order for shipping via First Class Mail (regardless of how many stickers are in your order). Due to printing constraints, the stickers are all one color pink.

**This we do in memory of Marilyn Bertok, Ola Watson, and Patricia Cipollone. Thank you to Sean Abrams of Proforma for his contribution to the printing of these decals!**

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